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Disaster-relief Efforts by VV Group at Maoxian County
 2017-06-29  [] [] []

On June 24, 2017, a landslide from a high mountain hit Xinmo Village, Diexi Town, Maoxian County, Aba Prefecture in Sichuan Province, burying more than 100 people from over 40 homes. 

In the wake of the disaster, VV Group immediately threw itself into disaster relief efforts!

Upon receiving the instruction from its parent company, the Southwest China Company of VV Group immediately organized a disaster-relief team composed of dozens of people. Fully loaded with the goods and materials most needed by the disaster-hit area, the vehicle convoy left the company at 9:00 am on June 28. It reached the station for receiving the disaster-relief goods and materials at Diexi Town after a 7-hour drive. 

The VV disaster-relief team was warmly received by the local government and people in disaster-hit area. Chen Qianliu, deputy mayor of Diexi Town, said emotionally that “we are grateful to VV Group for its care about the people in disaster-hit areas. VV Group braved hardships and dangers in sending the urgently-needed goods and materials to the disaster-relief frontline.” Under his leadership, the people in disaster-hit area and members of VV disaster-relief team carried the goods and materials to the warehouse. Mr. Ma, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Maoxian County, signed to acknowledge the receipt of the disaster-relief goods and materials. In an interview with the local media, leader of the VV disaster-relief team said that “VV Group was shocked to learn about the mudslide in Maoxian County three days ago. The leaders of VV Group immediately organized the transfer of goods and materials to aid the disaster-hit area. It is the duty and responsibility of VV Group to carry out the principle of ‘when disaster strikes, help comes from all sides’. It is hoped that more people can get involved in the disaster-relief efforts. The goods and materials express the good will of VV Group. It is hoped our good will can kindle the enthusiasm of thousands upon thousands of people. We wish the people in disaster-hit areas rebuild their homeland as soon as possible!”


These words were unanimously acclaimed by the people on site who clapped their hands. They all praised from the bottom of their hearts that VV Group has deep affection towards people in the disaster-hit area. Before the VV disaster-relief team left, deputy mayor Chen called the people at the site to take a group photo with members of VV disaster-relief team.

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