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VV "Fun" Soy Milk Encounters 5199YA, Forming A "Spicy" Couple
 2017-06-21  [] [] []
Following "One-Click VV" cooperation with Didi Dache and "Happy Growth, Reading with Joy and Reward" cooperation with China Children's Press & Publication Group, VV Group kicked off partnership with 5199YA for its newly launched vegetable protein drinks, forming a "spicy" couple and continuing crossover marketing for its new products. 
—— Spicy Couple: Spicy Lobster Encounters Refreshing Solution
VV “Fun” Soy Milk and 5199YA forms a "spicy" couple. An important reason is that both sides have an overlapping customer base. The product positioning of VV vegetable protein drinks is "happiness, youth, fashion, health", and its consumers are young people born between 1980 and 2000; while 5199YA’s products are braised snack foods with spicy duck necks as the core, and its main consumers are also young foodies. The two products have a highly overlapping customer base.
From the compatibility of the two products, capsaicin is a non-water-soluble substance and can only be combined with fat, oil and alcohol, while soy protein contains 16% fat and can offer fresh taste, which is a good explanation about why soy protein drink is a good choice to relieve spicy taste. After entering the stomach, the protein naturally forms a protective film on the inner surface of the stomach, effectively reducing the gastric irritation caused by capsaicin and playing a protective role.
Spicy Lobster and “Fun” Soy Milk forms a spicy couple in the food world, letting you get your fill of and satisfying a craving for spicy food.
—— Spicy Couple: Resource Sharing Lets Customers Enjoys a Refreshing Summer
Upon in-depth understanding of consumers, the two sides identify the common ground of the two brands, determine the form of cooperation in which customers can drink VV “Fun” Soy Milk after buying Spicy Lobster at the store, and decide on the marketing theme - "Spicy Food, Refreshing Summer". The two sides maximize resource sharing, drive topic spread and expand online and offline interactive communications by sharing more than 10 million customers at offline stores and more than 1 million funs at online social platforms, fully realize all-round cooperation and resource sharing.
In order to cater to the young customers, the visual images of the two brands ("Spoof of Minions" for VV “Fun” Soy Milk and "Spicy Lobster Teases Funny White Duck" for 5199YA Spicy Lobster), which are presented in the popular freehand drawing style, are boldly used in the event posters, getting an eye-catching overall effect. The funny style narrows the distance between the brands and young customers. 
The spicy couple cooperation is a trial for the youth-oriented transformation of the two brands. The precise experiential marketing brings consumers richer and diversified product experience as well as new taste experience.


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