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Neither Food Nor Books Can be Failed
A Crossover Marketing Event Held by VV and CCPPG on Children’s Day
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 “Neither Food Nor Books Can be Failed.” On Children’s Day of 2017, VV Group, China’s largest soy milk provider, held a crossover marketing event along with China Children’s Press & Publication Group (CCPPG). They brought both nutritious food and gift books to the children.

When it comes to VV Group, we may readily recall the household advertising slogan –“VV Soy Milk, drink to your heart’s content”. VV Group, the producer of VV soybean milk, is China’s largest soybean milk producer, one of China’s top ten food manufacturers, one of global 500 top enterprises founded by Chinese. VV is China’s most well-known brand of soy milk; and VV Group is also granted the title of “King of Soy Milk” by the state. 
The mention of CCPPG evokes the memories of the story cartoons you read in your childhood. There might be no connection between VV Group and CCPPG; yet they are “happily linked with each other” under the theme of “taking care of children’s growth” on Children’s Day. 
VV Group                                                 CCPPG
Growing up in Happiness   Reading for Reward
A Large Prize-giving Activity for Drinking and Reading for Fun Held on Children’s Day
From June 1 to June 8, “VV doudoule (seeking fun from VV soy milk)”, the official WeChat public platform and “Children’s Literature”, the official WeChat public platform of CCPPG, launch the interaction activity entitled “growing up happily•reading for reward”. The fans can conduct discussions on topics like nature, happiness, health, humans and animals, or speak according to the pictures printed on the package of the soy milk or in the book series written by Hei He; and the participants whose answers that obtain the largest number of “likes” have the chance of winning the first or second prize. The prizes include a five-book series entitled “Children of Nature – A Bridge to Original Ecological World” and a case of “VV soy milk for fun” (a case with six tins of milk). 
By perfectly combining milk, an everyday drink for the Western people, with soybean, an everyday food for the Chinese, VV creates an innovative product - nutritionally - balanced VV soy milk with animal protein and plant protein complementing each other. VV soy milk is a milestone product in the development history of soybean. 
While delicious food is indispensable for the physical development of children, mental growth of children should not go unnoticed. CCPPG selects the book series entitled “Children of Nature – A Bridge to Original Ecological World” by Hei He who writes novels on animals. The books can enable children to feel the real ecological world and to foster their love and sense of awe for Nature. 
Selected Messages
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Never miss delicious food and great books. Seek fun and love from the original ecological world.
Yidu (friend):
Children enjoy to the full the pleasure brought by Nature on their own festival. They can sleep until they get up after they naturally wake up. They can drink the delicious soy milk while reading the vividly written books, as if they were playing with wild animals on the vast expanse of grassland.
Cao Hongjia:
Happy children’s Day on June 1. Children can get up early and drink a cup of VV soy milk before going to school. You will feel refreshed and in high spirits all day long. Such is VV – a soy milk full of fun!
To a certain extent, VV soy milk and the products of CCPPG are both “nourishment”. The crossover marketing event further enhances the brand images of both parties and further integrates their respective target consumers. The VV soy milk has elevated its nourishment from physical sense to spiritual sense; while CCPPG has found a new means to display the nourishment of its products in addition to books. 
There is no threshold at all for people’s participation in the event. Anybody can participate and obtain the gift for the Children’s Day–no matter whether he or she is a parent, or a parent who participates in the event along with his or her child, or a child. With a theme of “taking care of children’s growth”, this event, which is jointly held by both VV and CCPPG, reminds the public of an often discussed topic: parents should take care of both physical health and mental growth of their children. 
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