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VV Works Hand in Hand with Didi, Kicking off Cross-Sector Marketing in 2017
 2017-01-23  [] [] []

When it comes to the word “cross-sector”, we believe that it is not new to many people. As the pioneer of China’s soy milk products, VV has focused on cross-sector cooperation before 2017, strengthening its influence and presence in different areas through its expansion and layout. Yet, after 2017, VV Vegetable Protein Beverages and DIDI started to carry out cooperation across different sectors, embracing the New Year of Rooster with a new brand and corporate image.This move was indeed an eye-opener to many industry insiders. It is well known that in recent years, with the rapid development and popularization of the Internet and mobile Internet, great changes have taken place rapidly in the way that business, brands, and users interact and communicate with each other. To let the slogan of “VV Soy Milk, Happy Life” ring a bell in the new economic and consumption environment and upgrade the traditional brand and make it younger and more fashionable, VV has, started with soybean, its core product, introduced the soybean protein beverage as the king of plant protein. At the same time, by working with aFocus with rich experience in integrated marketing, cross-sector resources and an excellent team, VV has broken its conventional single industry marketing concept and tried its hand at both online and offline cross-sector marketing.On January 22, VV, in cooperation with Didi, leader of travel APPs in China, officially kicked off its integrated marketing campaign called “One-Click VV”, taking the first step towards online marketing.

It is reported that during the warm-up stage of the activity, VV launched a complete set of interesting and considerate interaction plan through the two social platforms currently with the most users and the highest interaction rates – WeChat and Weibo.

Via WeChat, VV highlighted the warm stories along with Didi through its own official WeChat public account number – VV Doudoule. At the same time, it also issued a number of DIDI trip coupons through H5 so as to, on one hand, warm up the activity, and on the other hand, stimulate user interaction and forwarding among users by inviting them to take taxi free of charge.On January 23, Didi travel APP further spread the “One-Click VV" activity, which had already been launched online, to Weibo at the same time. It is reported that the activity will be kicked off in Beijing, Nanjing, and Xuzhou at the same time. Passengers will have the opportunity to take taxi free of charge through “One-Click VV". Also, a hot cup of VV Crown Soy Milk will be served during the ride. And those who have failed to take taxi can receive Didi’s travel coupons (such as special coupons, designated driving coupons, etc.).

From offline to online and from playing a lone hand to cross-sector cooperation, as a major move in the New Year of 2017, “One-Click VV” has spread VV Soy Milk’s brand influence to the two platforms of WeChat and Weibo with vast user resources. Meanwhile, with the aid of the exposure of Didi’s travel APP, it has helped VV complete the link and interaction between VV and quality user resources of other areas. Moreover, with a complete set of integrated marketing strategies, VV will establish the online and offline integrated operation mode as time goes on while receiving more and more attention from users, thus realizing its strategic transformation in a real sense.


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