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VV Tangwanghe Rice Wins the Honor of the 2016 1st Xiamen Rice King
 2016-11-13  [] [] []

 On the occasion of the coming 36th World Food Day, Xiamen Association of Grain Sector and Xiamen Daily jointly initiated the selection activity of the 2016 Xiamen Top 10 Rice Brands & the 1st Rice King through trial eating by citizens, physical and chemical data of rice sample, and online massive selection of the participating enterprises by one million people, and voting in the final competition.37 rice brands participated in the activity including VV Tangwanghe Rice, VV Tangwanghe Daohuaxiang, Wuchanglong Fuyuan Daohuaxiang, Xushi Tianyuanwuchang Rice, Guolong Wutonghe Rice, etc. VV Tangwanghe Rice provided by Fujian Haixia Grain and Oil Purchase and Sales Co., Ltd. won the title of Rice King.“Tangwanghe Rice is high-quality rice that we provide to Xianglan Rice Group.” General Manager of Xianglan Rice Group Han Kun said gladly, “Our rice has won praise from those who have eaten it and so many people are queuing to buy it.”Tangyuan County, where the rice originates in, has a good eco-environment, with annual sunshine time of 2629 hours, featuring big temperature difference between day and night, The soil here is mainly meadow soil and black soil, featuring high organic content and PH value between 5.8-6.1, especially suitable for high-quality rice production. Irrigation water is from the Xiaoxing'anling region, so the water is clear and rich in minerals.
。M Rice King is bright and full, and tastes smooth, soft and flexible, free of saccharification and not going back to the half-cooked state.

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