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A Preview of VV Vegetable Protein Beverage on China Food & Drinks Fair 2017 (Chengdu)
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In recent years, transformation is the focal point for Chinese and global market. From 2016 to 2017, Chinese economy has been undergoing a transformation through continuous upgrading, which affects all professions and trades as well.
Entering into 2017, a new turning point of the transformation is coming to China’s vegetable protein beverage market. As the central figure of China’s soy milk market, VV officially announced its entry into the market of vegetable protein beverage, and it will also release to the market canned soy milk with higher health value in terms of quality, nutrition and pure natural minerals.
The 2017 VV Vegetable Protein Product & China Soy Protein Beverage Summit with the theme of “New Food, New Trend, New Opportunity” which will be held in Chengdu on March 20, may be a starter for learning and understanding VV Group’s core initiatives and key business strategies.

Keyword I: New business opportunities triggered by new products
Comparing to the general public, its peers in the trade or resellers may have a better understanding of what it means for VV to officially release new products to the market in Chengdu.
Opening up China’s soy milk market by its own, VV is reputed as the “King of Soy Milk”. This new product will be a signature product symbolizing VV’s transformation from beverage powder to liquid drinks, and it will also be the first canned soy milk in the current market. At the same time, to cater to the taste of young consumers for personalized and entertaining culture, VV has named its new product series “Fun” (“逗” (Dou), a Chinese character meaning amusing or funny) and made sure that its new product is “impeccable” in every respect, be it packaging, taste, or nutrition.
One should know that, in China’s market, there are millions of die-hard fans of soy milk products. Therefore, VV product’s successful transformation from bagged beverage to canned beverage provides, without any doubt, a massive opportunity for the whole canned beverage market and numerous resellers and retailers.

Keyword II: New pattern driven by new technology
It is widely known that the invention of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data has promoted the upgrading and renewal of business mode and trading scenes rapidly.
VV Cloud is a cloud system jointly designed and built by VV and professional IT companies. During the product launching conference held in Chengdu on March 20, VV will display its VV Cloud system, which has integrated O2O and B2B into one, to peers in the trade, media, resellers, and a wide range of customers.
With the support of VV Cloud, the resellers, distributors and franchisees can form easier and closer connection and communication with VV, while at the same time participate in the whole process of VV service system. To consumers, VV Cloud will not only bring a brand new pattern with better customer experience and interactions, but also build a new industrial ecosystem by integrating itself perfectly into every consumer scene.

Keyword III: New users attracted by new marketing initiatives
In addition to good quality and nutrition, a “mind-boggling” product must build strong connections and interactions with customers using a whole new range of marketing methods.
In 2017, VV began to try some new ways of marketing. Early this year, VV joined with DIDI, the car sharing service provider, to launch the “One-Touch VV” activity to promote its vegetable protein drinks, which has combined cross-sector marketing with multiple channels and celebrity effects, thus winning enormous public praises for the enterprise and its brand.
The product launching conference in Chengdu will be reported comprehensively by several portal websites and vertical websites; and VV will cooperate with large social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo to broadcast and spread the contents of the conference. Furthermore, VV will also offer live broadcasting of the conference by inviting online celebrities to webcast it to satisfy young customers’ preferences.
From new products to new technologies and new ways of marketing, it can be predicted that the launching conference of VV vegetable protein products will bring a new “transformation” to China’s vegetable protein beverage market. This transformation will not only create new opportunities and interactions, but more importantly demonstrate the determination and commitment of VV.
Let us look forward to the arrival of the transformation on March 20th in Chengdu.

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