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Why VV Guizhouchun is Named Gold Prize Winner
 2016-03-22  [] [] []

 In the southern suburb of Xingyi city stands a garden-style factory. Her gorgeous posture is like a bright pearl embedded in the arms of mountains. It is the back yard garden of the people of Xingyi – VV Guizhouchun Distillery Co., Ltd., also known as Guizhouchun Scenic Spot familiar to many people. Qixiangyuan Scenic Spot which has been built is the only economic eco-park in Guizhou province.

Green mountains and clear rivers yield good liquor. Always following the principle of brewing with pure rice and carrying forward the traditional technology, Guizhouchun Liquor has long been praised and welcomed by consumers for its high quality. It is worthwhile to note that 42° Qianjianjingui was named the gold prize winner at the 2015 (Guiyang) Belgium Brussels International Spirits Competition.

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