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VV and Luzhou Laojiao Join Forces to Form Horizontal Alliance
 2017-03-19  [] [] []

March is the best season to see peach and cherry blossoms.

At the China International Alcoholic Drinks Expo held in Luzhou in March, VV Plant Protein Beverages, together with Luzhou Laojiao Dafudi Chateau, offered free drinks to attract more fans. Forming a horizontal alliance is regarded as an innovative move for the two companies.

From March 17 to 19, the two well-known brands joined forces with each other to launch a promotional campaign in Luzhou. During the event, model shows and games were presented as one step closer to their consumers.

The promotional campaign has greatly enhanced the attraction of the new products of the two well-known companies. At the same time, interactive entertainment activities have greatly aroused the interest of the fans of the two brands and increased the traffic of attention.

Horizontal alliances will be a general trend of the fast-moving consumer goods industry. For well-known enterprises, in particular, the market space for horizontal alliances is huge and there is a vast market potential that can be tapped, marketing experts say.

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