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VV Soy Milk Gold Packaging with New Ingredients Available on the Market
 2011-11-03  [] [] []

As a gift to the 20th anniversary of the company, VV has recently launched VV Soy Milk Gold Package. On the basis of the original high quality, soybean peptides and oligofructose are added to VV Soy Milk to strengthen calcium and Vitamin D. Meanwhile, the strip composite packaging was adopted for the first time throughout the country, which is both convenient and trendy, and more suitable for urban consumers and white-collar populations.

VV Soy Milk has been sold well for twenty years in China. “VV Soy Milk, Happy Life” is widely spread in both urban and rural areas in China. We are convinced that VV Soy Milk Gold Packaging, as the “nobility” of soy milk, will win the favor of Chinese consumers.

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